"   People who have monsters recognize each other. They know each other without even saying a word.   "
Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Last Night I Sang To The Monster

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is your heart supposed to pound for ten minutes straight after you answer one question in class

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"   My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them.   "

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"   You made me want to live.   "

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"   you don’t get to stay
in thin little girl skin
you will simply
have to grow the fuck up.
life will spit in your face,
to spit back.
no amount of weight
may shift reality.
empty stomachs
are not earth shattering.
is a political statement.   "
Michelle K., little girl, meet reality.

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It’s really sad how often social anxiety is mistaken for rudeness or arrogance

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